• Why Warby Parker Will Be the Next Apple

    Warby Parker, the fashion company specializing in discount, specialty eyeglasses, is in the perfect position to take over the next wave in personal, wearable computing via Google Glass. After recently raising almost $37 million in venture capital the eyeglasses company, Warby Parker, seems poised to do more than just make ultra-hip eyewear with a side […]

  • Bet Your Apps on Google Glass

    How Augmented Reality Will Usurp the Smartphone On May 1, 2012 I wrote a post about how Google Goggles would be the next big thing after smartphones and on November 22, 2012, Business Insider wrote in The End of The Smartphone Era is Coming about how Google Glass will be the new, default way people […]

  • Big Opportunities No One Claim Yet

    A while back I wrote about a new trust system for the Internet called, “YourSCOR – A New Metric for a New Economy”, which is an idea for a Self-Collected Online Report, or SCOR for short. It would be similar in use to how a FICO score works today, but instead of being built from […]