• Cost Publishing Media Group Crazy about eReaders

    Cost Publishing’s media group, which consists of over sixty blogs, has just under 10% of it’s web sites devoted to the ereader market, which consists of electronic readers, or read pads and their corresponding ebooks, covers, and accessories. Some are specific to particular brands such as Barnes & Noble’s Nook and Amazon’s Kindle. Both cover […]

  • Students and Commuters: Hooray for eBooks!

    Students and commuters have something to look forward to both in class and on the bus, train, or plane because of the ereader revolution. The first digital nomads, students and freelance entrepreneurs have been mobile computing at Starbucks and other WiFi hotspots for years using first laptops, then smartphones like the iPhone, and now tablet […]

  • The eReader Revolution

    How eReaders taken over the tech news and gadget landscape? Find out by reading more about ebook readers and their accessories at Managing Actions.