• The T-Shirt Designer Inside Me

    Recently I was invited to sit in on a business startup meeting at a local Starbucks. While brainstorming with the founder, the seasoned t-shirt industry guru turned to me and said, “You must have a little t-shirt designer inside you.” In high school and college I used to make t-shirts by writing on white t-shirts with […]

  • My No-Code SaaS App: PrintMe

    What is your no-code SaaS app idea? Email me stuff you want archived (could be emails, pictures, or documents) and when your archive is ready to be printed (read: optimal page length reached), I’ll send you a Paypal link and have it shipped to your door. It will feature archive-rated, acid free, glossy paper and […]

  • How to be Intentional about Capturing Ideas

    You may have been to meeting with your boss that requires you to write something down or record meeting minutes or minutes from the meeting. You may have been driving to work and had a great idea or been in the shower and wanted to write something down, but couldn’t. These are all typical times […]