How’s it Going?

It’s been a wild ride, scary some times, highly enjoyable at others. I’m not sure how long it/I will last though. It always seems like I’m on the brink of going out of business and so I start applying for jobs, then more work comes in. Right now is like that.

I may have to start selling some of my affiliate sites to make ends meet. I’m developing some new products (like custom email signatures) as a way to get people ‘in the door’ and have had some success with those, but they don’t pay the bills.

I’ve invested in BNI and considered Rainmakers, but referrals from that are slow, far between, and lower-dollar than I’m used to getting on my own. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining – I get to sleep in, spend more time with my kids, and have a loose schedule, but I’m afraid I’ve kept it too loose. I may have not worked ‘hard enough’ and now am in a bit of a pickle. Here’s what I’m doing to dig myself out:

Creating Work Habits

  • Waking up at the same time everyday
  • Eating breakfast everyday
  • Shaving and showering at night
  • Exercising during breaks between computer work

Focusing on Revenue

  • Making sure all client requests are processed
  • Proactively looking for opportunities to help clients and asking them for their business
  • Working on affiliate marketing as a valid revenue source
  • Applying for jobs that use my skill set

PS. I got all of my monthly client reports out today AND mowed my yard. Next I have a phone interview with a guy to discuss online marketing in Indianapolis.