Reviewing LOST Again Before Season 6 in 2010

My wife has decided to start watching LOST again from the very beginning. She’s seen all of the episodes once already and I’m not sure what started her on this quest, but she has been noticing a lot more this time around and delights in the character development that happens early on in the show. This is an example of the last email she sent me:

Michael: “How does a huge place like this never get discovered?”

Apparently, she thought this was either important, hilarious, or both. She commented to me about the compass scene in the first season where Sayid borrows Locke’s compass only to realize that something is not right. Sayid just figures the compass is not functioning correctly, but we now know that there is massive magnetic disturbances on this island (and that the sun’s position may be skewed if you believe the Mirror Matter Moon Theory).

Jin is delivering a "message" and the guy points to his daughter. Look at what she's watching.

My wife also sent me the picture of the little girl watching Hurley on the screen. I don’t remember if I noticed this the first time or not, but it made me wonder (and we have no way of knowing at the time) what people or things do we see that later on in our life become very important parts of our life? It also shows the creativity of LOST’s producers in weaving the characters story lines so deeply into each other.

So last season we found out that Locke may really be dead and that his impersonator is probably the Smoke Monster, who is in a good versus evil battle with Jacob. This battle is similar to the other ying yangs we find on the island, such as Jack the healer and John the hunter in the first three seasons. Then of course there is Hurley, who sees dead people and Miles who can hear them. They now have teamed up to form a kind of dynamic-duo regarding dead people. This is far from the original Hurley, seen here relaxing on the beach in this humorous comparison between him and a pregnant Claire.


My wife sent me that picture too. She thought the picture was funny. There is a similar picture of her and I sitting on the couch. It’s not always funny, especially when you’re part of the comparison.

Long live LOST and bring on 2010!