• Why you should get LOST

    As someone who is laughably prone to hyperbole, it may may seem inconsequential that I laud it as the greatest television show of all time.  You may be asking yourself: “What is so great about it?” or “How can a modern show compare to TV classics from other eras?” or “What kind of a weirdo, […]

  • LOST Recap – Pilot

    The most expensive pilot in television history sets the stage for one of the greatest serialized story lines in any medium.  This article is written with the knowledge of the first five seasons of LOST under my belt.  The mosaic has not been revealed completely, but enough has transpired to produce a sense of nostalgia […]

  • LOST

    Last night the show that started on September 22, 2004, nearly 8 months after the birth of my first child, ended it’s run with a finale that is sure to be heralded as one of the top last-episodes of all time. My oldest daughter is now 6, but it’s unclear exactly when she outlived the […]