LOST: The Evolution of Jack Shephard: Part 2

From a “Man of Science” to a “Man of Faith”, Jack Shephard has ridden the pendulum for a full turn.  After competing the greatest task of his life, leading the survivors of Flight 815 to rescue, he is a man without an identity.  No longer do people look to him for his potential, they just look to him and define him by his past.  By what he has done.  By what did happen to him.  Having his identity tied up in his actions lead him to question what he had left to live for in the future, much less… the present.

But then, a strange thing happens… he starts to think differently.  Jack wonders about Locke’s claims of destiny and providence.  He wonders if he has not mistakenly taken himself off course of a path that is much bigger than him.  Jack’s identity begins to change.  With no hope for his currently life, he changes directions, and begins to follow the opportunities laid in front of him.  Sometimes it is with passion and purpose, and other times he is simply resigned to let fate run its course.  It is nearly 180 degrees different from the Jack we first met who would barely even sleep if there was work to be done around him.

So, as season 5 ended recently, and with only the final season remaining, where is Jack left to go?  Will he find balance somewhere in the middle?  Is it possible to be bound by fate, and still control your destiny with managing your own actions?  Will Jack ever find the answer to having a sustained, happy life?