Fantasy Football 2007: How and When to Pick Players in Draft

Fantasy Football is finally here again. Prepare your yourself with a draft strategy. I try to follow these rules:

Round 1 and 2: Pick two running backs. These are the most rare and make the most points. There is usually only one or two Tier I running backs and five Tier II.

Round 2 and 3: Pick two wide receivers. These are less rare, and make the second most points. There are usually three to five Tier I wide recievers and up to fifteen Tier II.

Round 4 and 5: Pick two quarterbacks. Play this by ear. It depends on how many people are in your league. There are usually an abundance of Tier II players, but only two or three Tier I QBs. Quarterbacks are a solid staple of points each week and team is important. More on that later*.

Round 7 through 10: Pick two tight ends and two defenses. There is normally only one Tier I tight end and they do not make that many points. There are normally two Tier I teams and they can either get a lot of points or nothing, making them less important.

Round 11 through 13: Pick up a kicker.

Round 14 through 15: Pick up another running back, wide receiver, and quarterback, in that order.

*Most league owners / commissioners setup the league to increase points when a quarterback throws or passes to another person on your / their team. As much as you can, try to draft combos like this, which can give you a real point boost in the season. For example, if you draft a running back from the Colts, then you’d want to get the quarterback from the Colts, but consider that the quarterback from the Colts is number 1 and will probably go in the first round. This means that if given the choice, choose running backs with Tier II quarterbacks that you can pick up later. Same goes for wide receivers.