• Fantasy Football 2007: Best Players Grouped by Team

    Top Teams: 1. Colts 2. Bengals 3. New England 4. San Diego 5. New Orleans 6. St. Louis 7. Philadelphia 8. Tennessee 9. Seattle 10. Detroit 11. Dallas 12. Carolina Worst Teams: 1. Minnesota 2. Oakland 3. Atlanta Best Players Grouped by Team: Q: Peyton Manning WR: Marvin Harrison WR: Reggie Wayne WR: Anthony Gonzales […]

  • Fantasy Football 2007: How and When to Pick Players in Draft

    Fantasy Football is finally here again. Prepare your yourself with a draft strategy. I try to follow these rules: Round 1 and 2: Pick two running backs. These are the most rare and make the most points. There is usually only one or two Tier I running backs and five Tier II. Round 2 and […]