The Average Cost of a Like on Facebook

What’s the average price for a Facebook like using Facebook advertising?

Below are some real examples from ads I’ve ran on Facebook for three different Facebook pages. The first is an example of a poor (expensive) rate. It averaged $1.12 per page like.

2014-04-08 08_26_26-Ad Set Summary

There are several reasons why this rate was high:

  1. The pictures I used did not match the value proposition of the page I was asking them to like. They were randomly selected images.
  2. The ad copy I used was vague. It simply asked the user if they liked to learn online and if so, to like the page if they liked “learning online”.
  3. The page itself had little content. There were 4 posts over 3 years and one had to do with learning “how to make Mexican food”.
  4. The target audience and the content were out of sync. I was targeting business owners. They might not like to learn online.
  5. The budget was too small ($10/day). I have seen a lower rate for likes when the budget is higher because it is shown to more people.

Next is an example of a low (good) rate. The goal is to get down to around $0.10 (10 cent) likes. This one got down to $0.16 per page like with a budget of $7.00 per day.

2014-04-08 08_37_21-Campaign Summary

There are several reasons why this rate was low:

  1. The target audience was clearly defined. I used marketing data from magazines to create a target demographic.
  2. The image used matched the audience. I used a picture of a woman that looked like the target demographic holding the product.
  3. The message matched the page. I asked people if they liked coconut oil and the page was about coconut oil.
  4. The page had a lot of content. Once visitors landed on the page they could see that it was about coconut oil.
  5. The page already had a lot of likes. People like to back winners (like attracts like).

What’s the average cost of a Facebook like?

$2000 was spent on multiple campaigns for multiple Facebook pages to get new likes, boost posts, and experiment with website ads (links from Facebook to outside Facebook) and so I now have an idea about what things should or should not cost. The average Facebook like costs $0.44. That’s the average cost of a like. The value of a like is another story.