• The Average Cost of a Like on Facebook

    What’s the average price for a Facebook like using Facebook advertising? Below are some real examples from ads I’ve ran on Facebook for three different Facebook pages. The first is an example of a poor (expensive) rate. It averaged $1.12 per page like. There are several reasons why this rate was high: The pictures I […]

  • Facebook: The Journal of Our Times

    Before Facebook, unless you kept a diary or wrote a blog, there was little recording of day-to-day events in most people’s lives. Some people made baby books for their children, but mostly just for their first or second child. But now, the combination of smartphone cameras and mobile apps, documenting our lives has never been […]

  • eCommerce Blueprint 2.0

    I started writing this in January of 2013 in response to the original E-Commerce Blueprint from December of 2012, but now, 2 years later, I have more perspective after having helped several e-commerce companies get started. In 2013 I wrote a basic outline of things I felt were important ways to market an e-commerce business: […]