• The Average Cost of a Like on Facebook

    What’s the average price for a Facebook like using Facebook advertising? Below are some real examples from ads I’ve ran on Facebook for three different Facebook pages. The first is an example of a poor (expensive) rate. It averaged $1.12 per page like. There are several reasons why this rate was high: The pictures I […]

  • Twitter Ads: My Experiment and the Results

    How Much Does a New Follower Cost on Twitter? That’s what I wanted to find out. I’d never ran a Twitter ad before. You can run ads for more than just new followers, you can also do it to drive more engagement (retweets, favorites, and clicks). I wanted to experiment with gaining new followers. I’d […]

  • How to Identify a Micro-Niche

    How to find a profitable niche to start blogging about on your new mini-site In a previous post I wrote about how to monetize your blog, but I didn’t mention how to find a niche market to promote. There are many ‘rules’ about this, but while I may point out some, not all are going […]