Synchronicity: Axis of the Universe is Oriented to “Sextans” Constellation

TL;DR: The universe has an axis and the direction of that axis from Earth is toward a constellation named after a tool to find the orientation of stars.

According to this 1997 article, All Space is Not Equal: Physicists Find Axis that Gives the Universe Orientation, “From Earth, the axis of this orientation runs toward the constellation Sextans, roughly in the direction of Leo and Gemini and high in the southern evening sky,” around April of each year. “The other end of the axis points toward the constellations Aquila and Equuleus.”

From the Wikipedia article on Sextans, “Sextans is a minor equatorial constellation which was introduced in 1687 by Johannes Hevelius. Its name is Latin for the astronomical sextant, an instrument that (from Wikipedia article on Sextants, is “used primarily for measuring the positions of stars.”