Indianapolis Acupuncture by Angelica Kokkalis

One of our latest clients, Dr. Angelica Kokkalis, offers acupuncture in Indianapolis to those seeking alternative medicine from someone with a traditional medical background. Kokkalis, who is originally from Greece, has studied in both the United States and China learning both traditional western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Although she is well known for acupuncture in Indianapolis, Zionsville, and Lafayette, she also does analgesia, cupping, herb therapy, moxibustion therapy, quigong, and tongue diagnosis. According to Chinese Medicine, the tongue can offer great clues about the whole body. That’s part of what makes Dr. Kokkalis so helpful to her patients – she reviews the whole body, not just the symptoms – for a more holistic healing process.

“For those who seek the wisdom and healing of ancient medicine in a modern era, Angelica Kokkalis offers that and more: the meeting and melding of East and West in a singular, compassionate individual,” Dr. Angelica Kokkalis is your Indianapolis acupuncture therapist. You can learn more on her website or by calling 765-497-0817.