Presentation Secrets from Amish Shah

“Some people have the uncanny ability to make more in a week than most will earn over a lifetime. What’s better, they do it all the time. Amish Shah is one of those people.” Below is a screenshot of his presentation secrets, which I have outlined below. Click the image to watch the full video from Mindvalley Insights.

Presentation Secrets

Presentation Secrets

  • You are not the hero, the audience is.
  • It’s not about just you. It should be a shared belief.
  • Tell Stories because it conveys meaning.
  • Facts don’t sell. Emotions do.
  • Stand out.
  • Be human and stay connected.
  • Talk to the audience personally.
  • You are the mentor.
  • Help the audience get “unstuck”.
  • Come from a place of humility and be selfless.
  • Combine two things: Facts and Stories.
    • Stories provide an experience.
    • Facts provide information.
  • First create the desire in the audience and then fill it.
  • Formula
    • Intro and unfulfilled desire – Relatable Hero
    • Presents dramatic actions held together by confrontation. Obstacle for the character – Roadblocks
    • Resolution – Transformation
  • Audience needs to change internally and follow you.

This is similar to the advice Mimi Henderlong of Threadless gives about “telling a story about someone who works at your company and make your customer the hero.” In the following video Amish explains the basics behind his record-breaking launches, his tried and tested theory on how to humanize your work, and how to overcome the single biggest hurdle that all affiliate marketers face – credibility.