My Letter to Best Buy on 9-18-1995

Best Buy,

I thought I had the best buy until I tried to use my Rayovac coupon on one of your compact disks, Ghostbusters II.

I bought a pack of Rayovac batteries and received a 2.00 off coupon for any cd in Best Buy. I found the Ghostbusters cd in a 3.99 rack, at your Greenwood store in Indiana, and found out it was only 1.99, but the computer wouldn’t let me use the coupon because the cd was a penny short.

I bought the cd anyway because it was a good deal, but I still think I should have received 2.00 off anyway. Just because your computer didn’t have a button for that, I lost 2.00. I have enclosed the coupon and receipt.


Erich Stauffer

Here is Best Buy’s response, a letter received from them dated October 18, 1995:

Dear Mr. Stauffer,

Thank you for taking the time to express your concerns regarding your Rayovac coupon.

I was sorry to read that you were not able to use this at the store. Please accept the enclosed check for $2.00 in lieu of the coupon that you should have been able to use with the purchase of your CD.

I apologize any frustration or inconvenience this may have caused you. Please feel free to contact me regarding this or any other concern you may have with Best Buy stores. I can be reached at 800-369-5-5- x2908 during business hours.