Ghost Dreams: A Screenplay

Scene A

Derek goes about his life normally. He wakes up. He eats breakfast. He goes to school.

Scene B
While at school Derek talks to one of his friends about his fear of dying. His friend says he has the same fear and then asks Derek if he thinks ghosts dream.
Derek wonders if ghosts even sleep, but sets that aside as he further comments that if they did sleep, then surely they dream too.
His friend comments that if a ghost can dream, then what stops those dreams from being nightmares?
“What if those nightmares were about your own death?”
Scene C
Derek comes home. He eats dinner and goes to bed.
Scene D
The audience does not know he’s really asleep. Derek goes about life normally. The difference is when he comes home, someone tries to kill Derek. In the attempt to kill Derek, Derek is knocked out.
Scene E
Derek wakes up again in his own bed. The audience now realizes Derek was just dreaming.
Scene F
Derek goes about life normally. He gets up to eat breakfast. This time when he throws something in the trash he sees a human head. Before he can turn it over his mom grabs him and starts shaking him. She accuses him of putting the head in there.
Scene G
Derek wakes up again in his own bed with his mother shaking him. “It’s time to get up!” she says in a sweet voice like she had every morning. Derek was starting to doubt his sanity, but hoped for the best that this time the nightmares were behind him.
Scene H
He goes about life normally. Then he comes home again expecting to be mugged, but he is not. Derek rests easy. Now someone breaks in on him. Derek is scared so he gets a gun.
Derek tries to kill the intruder with the gun, but he only manages to hit him with the stock and knocks him out. When he turns on the light to see who the intruder is he discovers it is himself.
Derek freaks out and starts to walk backwards. He knows now that he is a ghost.
Derek breathes, “I’m a gh…?” but before he can finish his mom cuts his head off with an ax.* Derek’s mom throws his head in the trash. She then carries his body and lays it on his bed. She begins to shake his shoulders and say, “It’s time to get up!”
*Happy Mothers Day!