A Tent

A story about “afterwards”:

The three of us decided one day we would make a tent. We searched through homes and businesses for sturdy material then used heavy duty rope and wire to sew long pieces of the material together. Using ladders and rope we positioned the strips of cloth over a row of power lines in the middle of our town. There was little risk of shock as there hadn’t been electricity since The Event.

Each strip was fashioned to the one next to it and the ends next to the ground were stretched out and tied to the ground forming a wide, cool area underneath. We gathered some candles and some instruments and began playing music as the sun set. Slowly the townspeople came to see what the ruckus was about. Mostly they stared and watched until one little boy began dancing. He was followed by a little girl and she by her father. Soon afterwards the whole town was dancing to the candlelight in the street they had all once drove down. For a moment the hard times were good.