What Can SugarCRM Do for You?

SugarCRM is a great customer relationship manager with pipeline management and email marketing capability.  The core Sugar modules are as follows:

Home – The Home module provides a quick view of the relevant data and activities that you select for display.

Accounts – Manage customer companies, entities, or even individuals if’s it’s a small business.  You can track a variety of information about an account including website URL, address, number of employees and other data. Business subsidiaries can be linked to parent businesses in order to show relationships between accounts.

Contacts – Individual customers, essentially the various contact points within an organization. These are the individuals with whom we are doing business and we wish to target marketing activity towards.  You can track contact information such as title, email address, and phone number. Contacts are usually linked to an account.

Opportunities – Click this tab to view the Opportunities module. Use this module to track potential customers. Opportunities help you manage your selling process by tracking attributes such as sales stages, probability of close, deal amount and other information.

Activities – Click this tab to view the Activities module. Use this module to create or update scheduled activities, or to search for existing activities.

Activities consist of the following sub-modules:

Calendar – View scheduled activities (by day, week, month, or year) such as meetings, tasks, and calls. You can also share your calendar with your coworkers to coordinate your daily activities.

Calls – Manage outbound and incoming phone calls between you and your customers.

Meetings – Manage meetings, including both internal and external invitees, which you schedule or accept.

Tasks – Manage a list of actions that you need to complete by a specific date.

Notes – Manage notes and file attachments.

Leads – Used to track potential customers.  This is the entry point into the system to know when a potential new customer is requesting information, or could even be a current customer wanting a new product.  Leads are an important aspect of the sales management process inside of SugarCRM.

Emails – Click this tab to view the Emails module. Use this module to send, and receive emails. You can also automate email management, create email templates for automated responses, and for email-based marketing campaigns.

Campaigns – Click this tab to view the Campaigns module. Use this module to create and manage marketing campaigns. You can implement and track marketing campaigns. These can be telemarketing, mail or email-based campaigns.