No More Stock Photography

Recently I’ve noticed from social media experts like Jason Cobb and from Pinterest boards like No More Boring Stock Photos, there is a growing revolt against the use of stock photography.

Now, I’ve used my share of stock photography in the past from sites like iStockPhoto, but now I’ve got a [quiet] goal of not using any stock photography in my posts going forward. I’d encourage you to think about what strategy you’ll use going forward this year.

As a general rule, every blog post needs at least one picture.

Why do blog posts need pictures?

1) It’s sure dull when you go to post it on Facebook, Digg, Google+, or LinkedIn without it.
2) It’s another avenue for search engine traffic from Google Image search.
3) People don’t tend to read articles without them (if it’s not important enough for you to add one, why should they read it?)
4) It allows other people to pin your work on sites like Pinterest.

How do you propose getting your images then?

Take them or make them.

I’ve been taking photographs with a camera and my phone. I’ve also been sketching things in paint programs. I’ve also been creating things in Visio. It’s harder so if it hinders you from accomplishing other goals or diminishes your brand, don’t do it. It’s just something I’m doing. My thought process is that eventually what I produce will get better over time due to practice and I don’t mind a little egg on my face in the mean time.