Welcome Tipton County Pork Festival Visitors

If you had the opportunity to watch the Tipton County Pork Festival parade on Thursday, you may have recieved a flyer about Erich Stauffer’s services. If so, thanks for visiting our page. We offer several services to help you with technology whether that be your computer or your phone. If you’re wondering what the strange black-and-white box is on the right side of the flyer, it’s called a “Quick Response” or QR code. They are a special type of barcode that can store information like a web address, phone, number, and other information.

Our technician, Erich Stauffer, is a Microsoft Certified Professional and is CompTIA A+ and Network+ certified. This means he has successfully completed programs about advanced Windows XP and Server 2003 settings as well as general hardware and network troubleshooting. He also has over 5 years of experience helping home and business owners with their personal and business needs. Erich is very friendly and professional. Although very tall, he has a soft demeanor and will patiently listen to your problems before he begins to fix them.