How to Turn the Ship Around – Just Say the Word, Captain

Have you ever heard the expression that, “It is not all about semantics, it is ALL about semantics.”?

Why are we in a recession? Because we said we were – and so it was.  Ask and you shall receive.  This could be a domino effect from excessive margin trading on Wall Street, a multi-national debasement of currency, or it could simply be the effect of real-time media spouting “RECESSION IS COMING! RECESSION IS NEAR, ALAS RECESSION IS HEAR!” My wife actually mentioned to me the other day, “Did you hear the government officially announced we are in a recession?”  My wife knows nothing about the news or economics.  All the news she reads is in a forum from other like-minded stay-at-home moms.  That means the other stay-at-home moms are also talking about it.  It is truly a household expression.

We are in a recession.  Now what? If semantics got us into this, can it get us out? While possible, it may be harder because terms for the opposite of recession like bull market are not household terms.  What if the Big Five advertising companies got together and announced a new term for the opposite of recession?  It would have to be something that exemplified American spirit, a phrase or preferrably a word that encompassed growth and prosperity, something that is the opposite of the word recession or depression.  Lets give them a start:

recessionnoun. two or more consecutive quarters of negative growth in the economy; a slight depression or indent; a period of rest when productivity stops, such as when a court or classroom breaks for recess.

[opposite of recession]noun. two or more consecutive quarters of positive growth; a slight rise or bump; a period of growth and increase in productivity, such as when more available people and equipment are in use.

Words that would mean the opposite of recession that would stick in peoples minds and could become a household term:

  • incession
  • uncession
  • unionsion
  • producsion
  • improvsion
  • lacession
  • warcession
  • growthcession

Words that do not end in “sion” that might also come to mean [opposite of recession]:

  • warcycle
  • beatperiod
  • upturn
  • uptick
  • growthturn
  • fastbreak

Phrases that might also mean opposite of recession:

  • AMERICA: My boyfriends back.
  • AMERICA: The sleeping giant wakes up and wants to know what’s for breakfast.
  • AMERICA: Build it. Buy it. Bring it.
  • AMERICA: Growth for OUR sake.
  • Power up, America.
  • Don’t mess with US.
  • Pull yourself up by your bootstraps, America. Its time for you to stand up so the world can stand down.

Is America’s role as an economic world leader over?  If the events of the past three months are any indicator, the answer is an astounding NO.  China and India, the future of world growth, tripped at the first sign of America’s financial collapse.  Conspirators may hypothosize that America’s role was being compromised, but by debasing the worlds currency’s, America, which still has relatively wealthy citizens is now poised to take advantage of all the new “deals” around the world in the prime growth markets.  But conspiracy theories aside, for nearly 100% of the world it doesn’t matter anyway.  We have to deal with things as they are, no matter who controls the purse strings.  So lets get out there and start talking POSITIVE!

Its time to “break the fast” and welcome America to the AWAKENING, the opposite of a recession in America.