Exchange Public Folders and Tasks on iPhone and Android

How do you sync Exchange Public Folders with Android/iPhone?

There is no way for the iPhone to show the Public Folders on its own, so we have a few options:

Exchange Sync iPhone Android

  1. Create additional Contacts and Calendar folders in Outlook. These new folders will synchronize with the Public Contacts and Calendars and as they’re in the mailbox they will simply appear on the Iphone as a new contact list and calendar
  2. Download the Public Folders App from the App Store
  3. Use CodeTwo’s Exchange Folder Sync or DidItBetter’s Add2Exchange software
  4. Easy2Sync for Outlook (requires installing Outlook on Exchange Server and using PFsync on Android devices)

Most of these solutions are read only, one-way syncs, meaning you can’t add to the public folders from a mobile device. For the Android, there is only one option in the Android Market called Public Folder Sync.

If you’re using Public Folders to store documents, stop doing so and begin looking for another solution immediately. Microsoft doesn’t recommend using Public Folders in Exchange to store documents and will be phasing them out past Exchange 2010. They have not updated how Public Folders work since 2003 after introducing them with NT4.

How do you sync Exchange Tasks with Android/iPhone?

On the iPhone, try TaskTask for syncing Outlook & Exchange Tasks. For Android, try TaskSync for Exchange.