• Dental Office Management Case Study

    How I helped an Indianapolis dental office through 100% turnover and go from their worst month ever to their best month ever in 2012. When I worked as a business analyst at First Merchants I would often be doing staffing models during the day and working on web sites and IT work at night. After […]

  • 10 Ways Businesses Can Use Analytics to Expand their Business

    Businesses have more information stored on their customers and their business processes than ever before, which adds complexity in trying to collect, manage and interpret data into information that can help guide a business to success. Here are ten ways to use analytics to handle this complexity. 1. Get organized and get feedback. The first step […]

  • An Introduction to Staffing Models

    Staffing Models is initially a two-step process of identifying the organizational mission, what metrics to track, and what processes there are. The next step is to find out how long it takes to do each task, how much volume they typically have, and then provide the tools to both track and report that information. Utilization […]