• How to Effectively Deliver a Press Release

    This is a guest post by Leslie Bailey, a freelance writer in Indianapolis. As a blogger and freelance writer, I receive dozens and dozens of press releases a week. About 98% of those are deleted…and that’s on a good day. Despite what old-school public relations professionals might say, press releases are no longer the only […]

  • Big Data in a Small Shop

    Four ways to react to client insights So, if you have read any business journal, blog, or magazine in the last year you’ve heard ad-naseum about the power of Big Data. Combing through the digital exhaust that all consumers produce to better understand their preferences and habits can produce big dividends to big companies who […]

  • 3×300 Sale on Social Media Management

    For a limited time, Erich Stauffer is offering Social Media Management for $300 a month for 3 months to boost your online presence and increase business Call 317-572-7521 or email us using the contact form – just be sure to mention “3×300” to get this package deal, which is normally priced at $600 a month. […]