• Gig Economy Allows Entrepreneurs to Start on a Dime

    Cloud Computing Lowering Barriers to Entry, Allowing the Gig Economy to Thrive Startups have traditionally been capital intensive ventures and most have had to wait until they got big to look big.  Not anymore. Web services in the cloud have made start-up costs not just affordable, but in some cases free, and they are the […]

  • Bulldozers: 5 Serial Entrepreneurs That Only Know How to Push Things Forward, Make Meaning, and Change the World

    Bulldozers, a term coined by Jason A. Cobb in January 2011, refers to employees who do one thing and one thing only: push things forward – and if their company doesn’t let them, they leave, but continue pushing forward.  Employers need to learn to recognize bulldozers and fuel them, not throw stumps in their way (stumps don’t […]

  • 20 Serial Entrepreneurs: An Analysis

    Serial entrepreneurs want to change the world and “make meaning” but successful ones also make money, and lots of it. Here is a list of 20 serial entrepreneurs and the companies they helped create: Andy Bechtolsheim: Sun Microsystems, Granite Systems, Arista Networks Biz Stone: Twitter, Xanga, Blogger David Duffield: PeopleSoft, Workday Dennis Crowley: Dodgeball, Foursquare […]