• Intermedia Office in the Cloud vs. Office 365

    A local Indianapolis dental office has decided not to update their local Exchange software and asked me to review hosted Exchange providers and online office productivity suites from Intermedia and Microsoft. They both are cloud-based and use Microsoft Office products, but each has slightly different features and benefits. Intermedia’s “Office in the Cloud” boasts migration […]

  • How I Use Evernote

    I’ve recently started using Evernote as an experiment on how it might improve my workflow and as a way to keep up to date as a technology consultant. I knew kind of what it was, but had no idea what I would use it for. I didn’t know why you would use Evernote instead of […]

  • Creative Avoidance

    This is a guest post by Zac Parsons. Enjoy. – Erich “Ah yes, its Monday.  I have to be focused and productive again.” “Now that the weekend is over, I have to go back to work.” “I have to get up early today, or else I will get fired.” Look at all of the things […]