3×300 Sale on Social Media Management

For a limited time, Erich Stauffer is offering Social Media Management for $300 a month for 3 months to boost your online presence and increase business

Call 317-572-7521 or email us using the contact form – just be sure to mention “3×300” to get this package deal, which is normally priced at $600 a month. Save 50% by acting now.

For $300 a month your company will get these business-booster services:

  • Daily Facebook Updates
  • Daily Twitter Updates
  • A blog entry (post) once a week
  • Online classified ad entries once a month
  • A 5-minute video shot and posted on Youtube once a month
  • Brand monitoring to discover feedback on the web
  • One hour of one-on-one business consulting from Erich Stauffer

Erich Stauffer will “ghost” as you or update, post, and blog right alongside you. We’ll take the time to learn your writing and posting habits; and the services, products, and culture of your business before representing your brand online.

Call 317-572-7521 or email using the term “3×300” to get this package deal, which is normally priced at $600 a month. Act now to save 50%.

Erich Stauffer Helps Local Candidates Reach the Voting Public

Erich Stauffer Helps Local Candidates Reach the Voting Public

Erich Stauffer, Inc. is excited to announce a web design and online promotion special to help local candidates during the 2010 campaign season.  Our experienced and local team wants to be sure that you reach the maximum number of potential voters during your political campaign.

A professionally designed website will let your voters know about who you are, what you stand for, how you will serve them if elected, where you will be for specific events during the campaign, and even be a 24-7 secure donation gathering tool for your campaign.

We make the process simple by having you fill out a short questionnaire on your time to get all the information we need to build your website.

With a professionally designed website, you and your campaign team can promote your candidacy with confidence.  Let our team do all the technical work for you, so you can spend your time meeting with the people who will vote for you.  Get started on the road to victory today with your team at Erich Stauffer.  We can’t wait to serve you.

PillowTalk Offers More than Lingerie in Carmel, Indiana

PillowTalk, a Carmel, Indiana based lingerie retail outlet, is a unique lingerie boutique that sells couture lingerie and other fine accessories for women. PillowTalk came to Erich Stauffer with the desire to redesign their site in order to better represent their brand. Erich Stauffer helped them do this by picking a color scheme and font that better matched the stores look and feel. The result was a website that better reflected the core image and brand the business was trying to represent in downtown Carmel. How can Erich Stauffer help you do the same? Contact Erich Stauffer to find out.