• Market Sophistication Levels

    Market Sophistication Levels are about selling differently based on competition level and the degree of public sophistication about your product and market. They are based on a book called Breakthrough Advertising by a copywriter named Eugene Schwartz. Vishen Lakhiani popularized it in his video (below). Market Sophistication has 5 levels. To get people to buy or […]

  • The eReader Revolution

    How eReaders taken over the tech news and gadget landscape? Find out by reading more about ebook readers and their accessories at Managing Actions.

  • Analyzing Actions

    I decided to do a little research on how this blog was doing.  I went to Google Analytics, which records data on what keywords visitors use to find this site and exported the data into Microsoft Excel.  Data has a funny way of changing your realities from what your gut thinks to actual reality.  What […]