• From the Garden to the City: The Epic Entrepreneur’s Story

    Every entrepreneur has their own version of the classic “entrepreneur’s journey”. They usually share this story at the beginning of an interview or podcast. I’ve never been interviewed or been on a podcast so I decided to write my own. I’m choosing myself. 🙂 Family Background From the time I was born my family moved […]

  • e-Commerce Metric: Time to First Sale

    This is not just a record of the amount of time it took to get to first sale, a metric called “time to first sale”, but a story about what it took to go from idea to first sale. This is a story of how one idea can lead to another and how people can […]

  • Thinking About a Starting a New Business?

    I’ve been thinking about starting a new business lately and I wanted to share my process with others as I do it to help those who might be thinking of starting their own business. Every business starts with an idea. That idea may come from you or from someone asking you to do their idea, […]