• Building Time

    My son is 4 years old. He was born the same day Lehman Brothers collapsed in 2008. He collects things to build with in hopes that one day I’ll take the time to do that with him. Right now he’s asleep, right outside my door, on the floor, next to his red bucket of things […]

  • A Legacy of Managing Actions

    If you followed the news this week, you probably heard the story of the 4 men who were knocked out of their boat by a wave off of the coast of Florida.  Two of the men were NFL players.  One of them was from my hometown and a childhood friend of my brother.  His name […]

  • People Watching in Utah

    I’m sitting in the Salt Lake City airport.  I’m casually doing some people watching.  There is a women’s college basketball team that has gone back and forth in their matching kelly green hooded sweat shirts and sweat pants.  They seem to be on their way to play a game, but they could be returning.  They are loose, laughing, casual, and seemingly a bit boy crazy.  They look my way now