• Comments Sense

    There are as many ways to run a commenting system as there are ways to comment. In this post I talk about some of the main strategies and how common sense sometimes doesn’t apply. There are main choices to a comment system: Turn comments off or don’t use them. Turn comments on with a website, […]

  • How to Start an Internet Marketing Business

    I spoke a little bit about how to start an Internet marketing business on my blog, An Entrepreneurial Mind, but wanted to go into more detail here about how I got started in Internet marketing and what products I’d recommend. I got started in Internet marketing almost by mistake. I was doing some research about […]

  • Internet Marketing Major Players

    Here are my Internet Marketing heroes: Ed Dale – Australian; started 30 day challenge; convinced Dan Raine to cash out all of his websites for millions Dan Raine – British; runs Immediate Edge with help from Ed Dale; male yeast infection guy Trey Smith – American; Internet marketer who recently started iOS app training business; […]