Internet Marketing Major Players

Here are my Internet Marketing heroes:

  • Ed Dale – Australian; started 30 day challenge; convinced Dan Raine to cash out all of his websites for millions
  • Dan Raine – British; runs Immediate Edge with help from Ed Dale; male yeast infection guy
  • Trey Smith – American; Internet marketer who recently started iOS app training business; friends with Ed Dale
  • Matt Carter – the other Australian; not associated with Ed Dale; runs most popular Internet marketing blog; the beta fish guy
  • Carey Bergeron – American; friends with Matt Carter; makes money from Adsense; runs Adsense Guild
  • Ryan Lee – American; known for being a millionaire Internet marketer; starts out promoting other products, then makes his own versions to sell
  • Greg Jacobs – Mage Monster, millionaire
  • Mark Ling – known for Traffic Travis
  • Andrew Hansen – online entrepreneur originally from Queensland, Australia – now living in London, known for his Affiliate Mini Site Strategy
  • Frank Kern – started out creating information products for pets (mostly dogs) and now trains Internet Marketers

By the way, I just finished reading The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandingo. It’s pretty good.