• Top 10 Best Ways to Build a Positive Attitude

    1. Choose positive thinking friends. Lift each other up! 2. See problems as challenges. Successful people overcome! 3. Say “I can” more than “I can’t”. You can do it! 4. Expect good things to happen. Set yourself up for success! 5. Find the good in any situation. Look on the bright side of life! 6. […]

  • Soap Sally

    My wife and I operate a photography business where we do a lot of work restoring, copying, duplicating, and repairing old photographs, which is usually brought to us by a member of the family. The important part of the photograph most every time is an image of a family predecessor. Parts of the image could […]

  • Smarty Cat

    My daughter in law’s family and many of her close relatives live in Mexico. Her home was humble; dirt floor, not too many rooms but occupied by many family members. Their province was mostly savanna. The home was near a small stream. Fuel was obtained from the stunted tree and vegetation on their ranch. Animals […]