• My Old Band, Shog, Rocks Fair Haven Christian Church in 1998

    Shog was a Christian rock band from 1996-2002. Jason Cobb played bass and I sang lead vocals. We attended and played Fair Haven Christian Church in Trafalgar, Indiana.

  • Thirty-Six Cents: The Rise and Fall of Shog

    Shog was a band started in high school with a couple of friends from the swim team. The year was 1996 and I almost had my driver’s license for the first time. The only person with any band equipment was the guitar player, Josh, who had a red Fender Telecaster and a small Fender amp. […]

  • Most Popular Christian Bands from the 90’s

    These may not be the most popular, but these are the ones I listened to the most. What are your favorite Christian bands, songs, or albums from the 90’s? Eli Sixpence None the Richer Starflyer 59 Petra Juliana Theory Danielson Joy Electric Dogwood POD Slick Shoes Charlie Peacock Steve Taylor Chris Rice Stavesacre Dakota Motor […]