• AVG CloudCare Best Practices

    AVG is antivirus software and AVG Cloud Care is the website that helps to manage installations, threats, updates, and scans. AVG Cloud Care organizes various AVG installations by “Customers”. Each Customer can also have “Groups”. Templates can be assigned to Customers and Alerts can be assigned to groups. Devices are the names of computers. Devices […]

  • Crypolocker Ransomware Alert

    Beware of new Crypolocker ransomware that encrypts all your files after you open an email attachment. This virus encrypts all of your files and then forces you to pay $300 in bitcoin to unlock your files. If you don’t pay, they delete the key after 72 hours and your files are essentially gone. All files […]

  • Long-term Data Storage Threatened by Anti-Virus Scans

    Over time, data stored on writable media subject to virus scans will be deleted or moved regardless of the presence of a virus. This is due to the ever-expanding definition of what is a virus and through heuristic analysis. In other words, what was not considered a virus in the past may be considered one […]