• Generation X; Analog to Digital

    In the same way saw the Greatest Generation saw the change from horse drawn carriages to automobiles and the birth of airplanes to the rise of the space shuttle, Generation X has seen firsthand the transition from analog to digital: carbon copies to CC: and BCC:, and a slide rule to an iPod. GenXers began […]

  • Television Re-Defined

    The lines between television and the Internet have been blurring so long I hereby no longer define television as a device which sits in your living room, but as a medium that can be played anywhere. I can play television on any device I choose. I have come not to be thankful that the shows […]

  • LOST: The evolution of Jack Shephard part 1

    We all know that life imitates art and art imitates life.  I am fascinated by almost all of the characters on LOST, but for me, the most complicated and interesting survivor of Flight 815 is Jack Shephard.  My spell checker tells me that this is not the correct way to spell “shepherd”.  Perhaps the creators of lost intentionally wanted […]