The End of the World

As the lighting strikes and the thunder rolls this cold, wet, December morning the darkened skies are continually ripped open and slammed shut in eerie foreboding of today’s show. There will be dandelions blooming underfoot as helio-magnetic superstorms bloom above our heads. As the ground begins to shake, hold firm to your beliefs. The time has come for you to act.

There are no more excuses. There is nothing left to wait for. Your body is going to fail you. You are going to die. How is your relationship with Jesus? How have you loved the ones you’re with? When you look back at your life, what have you accomplished? Have you left this world better than you found it?

This world is full of mystery. Some mysteries are inherent while others are man-made. Some mysteries we cling on to long after the answer becomes clear. Raise your eyelids and drop the veil. Throw the devil off your back and stand up. Be a man and do the work. Get out on the street and bring something home. Build a legacy and a reminder that great thoughts lead to great actions. Be the man you want your children to be. And live.