Why Is the Easter Bunny Smiling?

I picked up a chocolate bunny at Cracker Barrel and noticed the smirk on its face.  What is it hiding? Does it even know its hollow inside? Or does it know that its sweet, creamy, and melt-in-your-mouth delicious.  Does it know that you will be five pounds heavier after eating it?  Or is it just the result of the mold maker, the designer at the factory or the man in the chair waving his mouse around Autocad clicking and typing in ALL CAPS as he be.

What is the point of Easter, anyway? Is it to fill our baskets with things we shouldn’t? What is an easter egg hunt and what does it have to do with easter bunnies? Rabbits don’t lay eggs and eggs traditionally aren’t hollow inside like the chocolate bunny.  When did we get so far removed from the Easter story of Jesus of Nazareth sacrificing himself once for the sins of the many, only to defeat death and rise again.  Go ahead, Thomas, touch His wounds.  See how they are healed.  Now do you believe? Blessed are those who believe without touching, which is all of us, today, who believe in what Jesus did that weekend.