Newspaper Delivery

Top 5 Reasons People State as Reason for Stopping the Paper:

5. I can’t afford it.
4. I don’t read the paper in the summer.
3. I don’t have time to read it.
2. Paper quality.
1. I never ordered the paper.

Top 5 Estimated Reasons Why Someone Would Order the Paper:

5. Coupons.
4. TV listings.
3. Local sports coverage.
2. Delivery service.
1. View their name in print.

Top 5 Estimated Actual Reasons Why Someone Stops the Paper:

5. They realize everything in the paper is also on the Internet.
4. The coupons are all for things they don’t really want to buy.
3. It increases the amount of garbage they have to take out.
2. The writing is Bush League.
1. They have yet to see their name or anyone elses name they know in print.