Back to the Future Part IV

For fun I started writing the screenplay for the fourth installment of the Back to the Future series:

Doc Brown’s kids are now 18 and 22. We see them acting like typical teenagers, hanging out in their cabin on the train, listening to their iPods and watching their iPads when the girl gets up to grab a snack. The kitchen area is lined with invented ways to make toast or cook hot dogs. Jules grabs a bottle of juice and steps outside nonchalantly. That’s when the camera shows where and when they are.

Doc Brown, their father, is studying dinosaurs in a dense jungle. “Dad, how long are we going to be here?” Jules exclaims.

Doc inches closer to the dinosaur and the camera switches to Verne, who is turning up the gain on his amp, which is connected to his 1974 Les Paul. He begins to play his guitar softly and the baby dinosaur who was asleep opens its eyes. Doc Brown inches closer.

Jules goes in to talk to her mom, who is reading. Vernes music can still be heard in the background. Jules sighs so her mom asks Jules if she feels she missed out on having a normal life in one place.

Just then the baby dinosaur sees Doc and at the same time the dinosaur squeels, Verne feedbacks his guitar and the song gets heavier and faster. Drum overlay also kicks in and now we see the mother of the baby dinosaur, a full grown T-Rex. Doc begins to run back to the train saying, “I’m getting to old for this!” He radios to his wife, “Prepare to move. I’m on my way.”

The beat of the T-Rex’s feet match the beat of the bass drum playing along with Verne’s music. His mom moves into the pilots chair and sees the T-Rex approaching with Doc running in front. Jules sits down in the co-pilot seat, looks at her mother, then out the window and screams, “Dad!”

They start up the train and float it into position just as Doc approaches the door and as Verne’s music reaches a crescendo. Doc jumps in and they all take off into the future, but not before the T-Rex takes a bite at the rear of the train.


So apparently Jules and Verne are both boys so the beginning will need to be a little different. Instead of having a girl and a boy, one son will be more interested in science and the other in girls. We’ll make Verne the geek and Jules the chaser.

So now that we have these actors who are playing Doc’s sons, the one most like him, Verne, will play a young Doc Brown who in 1940  attended school with Strickland. His brother, Jules will be traveling back to visit them in the future. This is how he will get there.

The dinosaur damages the train when they are taking off. Docs wife had set an emergency course for 2015, which is their safety year. They know they will be able to find parts during that time. While the train is getting worked on, Jules goes for a walk while Verne stays back to help his dad. That’s when he spots the Delorean. His dad had just had the upgrades made on it. He can’t resist getting in so he sits down…fill in reason to take car here…Jules arrives in 1940 in the Delorean.