10 Items or Less

This is a review of the TBS TV Series, “10 Items or Less”, not to be confused with the movie that came out the same year (2006) starring Morgan Freeman, Paz Vega, and Jonah Hill.

I like watching Netflix because of the ability to find and stream shows instantly. Today I discovered a show called “10 Items or Less” starring John Lehr as Leslie Poole.

The series starts out with Poole as the new manager of “Green and Grains” grocery store who has taken over the store and it’s employees from his recently deceased father.

While the first few episodes (okay seasons) had some continuity issues (they skipped ahead four years at one point, then back to one year in season 2, but the kid stayed the same age), it still has the power to keep you wondering if any of the characters will ever evolve. You want them to, you really do, but they do it soooo slowly.

For example, you want Leslie, the manager to be a better manager – and he does get better, but still has his share of mistakes. You want the butcher, Todd, to be less sexist, and while he tries to be more professional at work, the ladies keep him exactly the way they want him. And you want the [manager], Amy Anderson, to warm up to Leslie, but for save some rare moments, she does not (or does she?).

One thing I couldn’t shake was how much John Lehr looks like Jason Bateman in Arrested Development.

And while it may be more of a coincidence that the movie of the same name centers around a grocery store and came out the same year, it may be more strange that, according to IMDB, the 10 Items or Less movie was the first film in motion picture history that was legally available on the Internet while the film was still in theaters, which makes it odd that it’s not available for streaming on Netflix (or Amazon Instant Video), but the television show is.