Analyst’s Corner: Presidential Nominees and Winners in 2012

According to my analysis, the following is a list of the Presidential nominees for the Republican Party for the 2012 election.  They are listed by a ranking system that assigns positive points for having similar syllables and number of characters in first and last names compared to past, elected presidents (not ones who inherited the office).  Republicans tend to elect Governors while Democrats tend to elect Senators so this is a list of current Republican  governors (except Sarah Palin who was a governor) who have the most points left over after taking out negative points for being unelectable.  The only woman considered in this analysis is Sarah Palin.  All others were left out because of the backlash against change.

  • Donald  Carcieri        4
  • Sonny   Perdue  3
  • Gary    Herbert 3
  • Sarah   Palin   3
  • Bobby   Jindal  2
  • Haley   Barbour 2
  • John    Hoeven  1
  • Bob     Riley   1
  • Sean    Parnell 1
  • Mitch   Daniels 1
  • Mark    Sanford 1
  • Mike    Rounds  1
  • Rick    Perry   1
  • Bob     McDonnell       1

Out of the above list, Sarah Palin, Bob Riley (Alabama), Mitch Daniels (Indiana), Mark Sanford (South Carolina), Mike Rounds (South Dakota), Rick Perry (Texas), and Bob McDonnell (Virginia) will emerge as the others drop out or cannot find funding.  The following will survive to debate each other:

  • Sarah Palin
  • Mark Sanford
  • Rick Perry

Mark Sanford’s office has been surrounded in scandal which leaves Sarah Palin and Rick Perry.  Palin will pick Perry to be her running mate.