Erich Stauffer Figurines

All of the information in this book is included for free below, but by buying this book on Amazon, you help support this site. Thank you!
All of the information in this book is included for free below, but by buying this book on Amazon, you help support this site. Thank you!

About Erich Stauffer Figurines

Erich Stauffer, a porcelain figurine artist, is said to have been a designer for several different porcelain figurine companies including Goebel and Kalk, but probably only worked for Arnart Creation (also known as Original Arnart Creation, Japan or Original Arnart Creation, New York). Arnart was founded in 1953 in Japan to produce porcelain art, and has offices on 5th Avenue in New York, New York under their new name, Arnart Imports Inc.. Erich Stauffer designed fake versions of Hummels and Kalk figurines for Arnart from 1953 to 1970 under the brands Arnart Imports, 5th Avenue, ArMark, Royal Carlton, Royal Chintz, and Royal Crown.

Erich Stauffer Original Arnart CreationArnart is known by its crown and crossed arrow symbols on the bottom, some of which are printed with numbers in a series in porcelain or on a sticker. Erich Stauffer designed “fake Hummels,” which used a crown symbol. Goebel Hummels had similar marks in use from 1934 to 1942. Arnart also produced “fake Kalks,” which carry the two three-feathered crossed arrows, trade marks of the Porzellanmanufaktur Kalk company from Eisenberg, Thuringia in Germany. Because Arnart produced both fake Hummels and fake Kalks, some have speculated that Erich Stauffer worked for either or both in Germany, but this theory is not supported. It is most likely that Erich Stauffer only worked for Arnart.

Some people place Erich Stauffer figurines back to 1940 because of the United States ban on imports from Germany during World War II, which started in September 1939 when the United Kingdom and France both declared war on Germany. On December 11, 1941, the United States declared war on Germany. The New Deal, which was the name that President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave to a sequence of economic stimulus programs initiated between 1933 and 1938 to combat recession, included blocking imports from Germany to the United States. However, Arnart Creation was not founded until 1953, eight years after the end of World War II on August 15, 1945.

Designed by Erich Stauffer
Designed by Erich Stauffer
It is true that Hummel porcelain figurines were manufactured by Goebel in Germany, which was no longer able to export to the United States during World War II, but Arnart more than likely capitalized off not the import ban, but the general popularity of the premium porcelain brands of Goebel Hummel and Kalks. Erich Stauffer, a traditional German name, may even have been invented to make it seem as though the Arnart imports were from Germany. This could explain why it is so hard to find out information about Erich Stauffer, the designer.

Another reason why the import ban theory does not hold up is due to the fact that the ban also applied to Japan, where the figurines were initially produced. After World War II, Arnart was part of the influx of cheap Japanese imports flooding the US market. Arnart’s imitations began to tarnish their brand so in 1957 Arnart changed their name to “5th Avenue” after securing their 5th Avenue office in downtown New York and stopped using a printed stamped “Made in Japan” pottery mark, replacing it with a “Made in Japan” sticker. In 2000, 5th Avenue changed their name back to Arnart Imports Inc.

What is an Erich Stauffer Figurine Worth?

Erich Stauffer Figurine
Erich Stauffer figurines selling on online auction services such as Ebay end anywhere from $5 to $40. The price varies by how clear the mark on the bottom is, whether a number exists or not, if there are any chips or cracks in the porcelain, and if it has a sticker. A sticker, because of the chance of removal over time, makes it more valuable. It is important to note that even though the figurines, also known as “fake Hummels” or “fake Kalks” are imitations, over time have become valuable in their own right. However, as long as Arnart Imports Inc. is still in business, the price of Erich Stauffer figurines will never be as high as Goebel’s Hummels.

Erich Stauffer figurines usually look like Hummels or Kalks and can be identified by the crown or crossed arrow symbols, but also by a beehive symbol or taglines such as “Made in West Germany” or “Designed by Erich Stauffer”. One person has also reported seeing “Divinity Artware” under one Erich Stauffer figurine. Figurines stating that they were made in Germany were not. They are hand-painted porcelain figurines from Japan. They may also say “New York,” but again, Erich Stauffer figurines which say “New York” originally had “Made in Japan” stickers and were made in Japan. The best way to find out what your figurine is worth is to have it professionally appraised or by purchasing one of the books below:

Erich Stauffer Figurines Book Flea Market Prices How to Sell Antiques and Collectibles on Ebay and Make a Fortune
Erich Stauffer Figurines [Kindle Edition] – (includes price guide and history) The Official Guide to Flea Market Prices, 2nd edition [Paperback] How to Sell Antiques and Collectibles on eBay… And Make a Fortune! [Paperback]

One reviewer said, “I’ve been selling on ebay for about a year and have read numerous books on ebay. How to Sell Antiques and Collectibles on ebay….and Make a Fortune….is the Best book I’ve come across. A lot of the other books on ebay…contain information you could find on the ebay website. This book is different…got a lot of great tips about selling in the most popular catagories, ect.”


Arnart’s Erich Stauffer Fake Hummels

Arnart sold Hummel look-alike figurine with a crown label designed by German artist Erich Stauffer. Arnart was big importers of cheap Japansese goods in the 1950’s and 60’s, which also with a crown label.

The first Hummel figurines were sold in 1935. The figurines are all based on the drawings and paintings of children by sister Maria Innocentia Hummel. Much of the art was done in the 1930s.

In addition to figurines of children, there are figurines of saints – a stylistic departure from the figurines of playful children which was copied by Erich Stauffer for Arnart. Hummel and Erich Stauffer were both artists, but Hummel worked for Goebel and Stauffer worked for Arnart Imports (also known as Arnart Creations, among other names).

Hummels were made by Goebel up until June of 2008 when Goebel discontinued making them. It is important to note that Hummel is not a brand or a company, but a line of porcelain figurines distributed by the Goebel company. All Hummels are Goebel figurines, but not all Goebel figurines are Hummels.

Erich Stauffer Figurines Book

How much is an Erich Stauffer figurine worth?

I’ve compiled all of my writing on the history of Erich Stauffer, Erich Stauffer figurines, and Arnart into one volume, which is available exclusively on the Kindle at Amazon. It’s not just a copy of the content you’ll find here, but more has been added for clarity and it’s been arranged in a way that makes sense to the reader. Don’t have a Kindle? You can still read the book on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet by downloading the Kindle software for your particular device.

Learn who Erich Stauffer was, find out more about Arnart Imports and Erich Stauffer Figurines. What is an Erich Stauffer figurine worth? This isn’t a Erich Stauffer figurines price guide, but there are some ranges and metrics of evaluation you can use. Learn how to Identify fake Hummels and other Arnart figurines based on crowns, crossed arrows, and porcelain marks. There are no pictures in this book, but there is lots of information about Erich Stauffer figurines and Arnart Imports that you might find useful in identifying and verifying your porcelain figurines.

Here’s an excerpt from the introduction of the book:

If you’re reading this book, you’ve probably purchased or inherited a porcelain figurine with a strange inscription on the bottom. You look closely and faintly make out the words, “Erich Stauffer” and if you’re lucky, some hand-drawn crossed-arrows. Some figurines have stickers, some have paper labels, some are numbered and others not.

You probably did a web search to see what your figurine was worth or who made it. You might have found some eBay listings or an antiques web site with a few figurines for sale, but you probably still have questions about who Erich Stauffer was, what they are worth, and why the figurines were made. This book seeks to answer those questions.

Erich Stauffer Figurines Price Guide

After having several people email me about the prices of Erich Stauffer figurines I attempted to make an Erich Stauffer Figurines price guide, but it was way more complicated than I thought.

I knew that the price varies by how clear the mark on the bottom is, whether a number exists or not, if there are any chips or cracks in the porcelain, and if it has a sticker. But I didn’t know exactly what metrics to use or what the official names of the figurines were or if the numbers on the bottom under “Designed by Erich Stauffer” were unique to each porcelain figurine or if that ID number tied it to a set.

What I found out by researching the completed Ebay auctions from the last 6 months was that:

  • Not all Erich Stauffer figurines had paper tags glued to the front, some used tags on a string
  • The ID numbers seem to correspond to groups of figurines, meaning they were meant to be sets – making collecting all of the figurines to a set more valuable than the individual figurine
  • Some of the Erich Stauffer figurines have the same name, even though they aren’t part of the same set
  • Some ID numbers are also re-used, even if they are not part of the same set
  • If the number has a division symbol (/) it may be a limited run or made to look like it was a limited run
  • I don’t know what the S or the U at the beginning of the ID stood for/stands for
  • The prices of Erich Stauffer figurines ranges from $1.86 to $20.89 each with this limited sample:
Official Names ID Prices Average
Autumn Time – Boy S8218  $    6.67  $    6.67
Autumn Time – Nun 8316  $   15.00  $   10.50  $   12.75
Backyard Harmony 8213  $    6.67  $    6.67
Barnyard Frolics 8248  $   17.00  $    6.67  $    9.99  $   11.22
Country Outing u8517  $    1.86  $    1.86
Farm Frolics S8396  $    6.67  $    6.67
Harvest Time 8218  $    2.40  $    2.40
Life on the Farm 8394  $    6.67  $    1.99  $    4.33
Little Maestro u8588  $    1.86  $    2.99  $    2.43
Mother’s Helper u8588  $    1.86  $    2.99  $    2.43
Open Laces  $    8.00  $    8.00
Photo Play U8543  $    3.95  $    3.95
Picnic Time  $    2.40  $    2.40
Rainy Days 8343  $    6.67  $    6.67
Spring Festival – Girl S8262  $   19.95  $   19.95
Spring Time 8316  $    9.99  $    6.50  $    5.24  $    7.24
Summer Time 8316  $   28.77  $   13.00  $   20.89
Winter Time – Nun  $   13.00  $    3.25  $    8.13
Work Time – Boy u55/26  $    1.86  $    1.86
Work Time – Girl u65/20  $    1.86  $    1.86
Young Folks 8515  $    4.99  $    4.99
Girl with Umbrella 8218  $    9.99  $    9.99

Buy the full history of Erich Stauffer figurines that includes a price guide on Amazon.

Erich Stauffer Figurines Collector

Joan Collett Oates is an author and antiques collector who has been an adviser to several antique collectible books including Warman’s Americana & Collectibles: 11th Ed., Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles 2011, Antique Trader Pottery and Porcelain Ceramics Price Guide, The Official Price Guide to Flea Market Treasures: 5th Edition, and Maloney’s Antiques & Collectibles: Resource Directory just to name a few.

Joan Oates is known for collecting Phoenix Bird Chinaware and Erich Stauffer figurines (fake Hummels). In Maloney’s Antiques & Collectibles, she actually gives her phone number and address with this request:

Wants to buy Erich Stauffer child-like figurines; must say “Designed by Erich Stauffer” underneath and give style number, price, describe activity, give height.

And on ArtMLS (Art Multiple Listing Service) she wrote:

Interested in child-like, Hummel look-alikes marked ‘Designed by Erich Stauffer’ and numbered, made in Japan and imported by Arnart Imports.

If you’re asking yourself, “How can I sell my Erich Stauffer figurines?” or “How much are my Erich Stauffer figurines worth?”, email Joan Collett Oates at

In addition to being an adviser on several different antique collectible books, she has also written her own book on Phoenix Bird Chinaware by the same name.

Joan Virginia Oates was born in 1928. Joan currently lives in Marshall, Michigan. Before that, Joan lived in West Bloomfield, MI from 1988 to 1988. Before that, Joan lived in Constantine, MI from 1992 to 2005.

If you’re interested in an Erich Stauffer figurines price guide, check out The Official Price Guide to Flea Market Treasures: 5th Edition, by Harry Rinker, which Joan Oates advised on. It has a list of 16 different fake Hummel (Arnart Imports/Royal Crown) Erich Stauffer figurine prices.

Arnart Imports Porcelain Marks

Not only was the Japanese ceramic industry smaller in scale compared to the Chinese, but the porcelain marks were also applied for different reasons that on the Chinese porcelain. Personal signatures by the artists involved, such as Erich Stauffer, are quite common. We also find a different attitude towards what marks that are put on the Japanese porcelain and in particular the export porcelain from the 19th century and onwards.

The entire range of Imperial reign marks so common on Chinese porcelain, genuine or not, is mostly lacking. The marks are more commercially oriented, such as with Arnart Imports, are more numerous, and can vary even within a set of pieces. They can indicate the name of the factory, the potter, the decorator, the pattern, the customer, the exporter, the importer or both or a part of them or maybe just say “Made in Japan”, “Japan”, “Nippon”, “Happiness” or “Good luck” in any number of ways.

Increasing the confusion are the hundreds of porcelain decorating firms active in the early to mid 20th century simultaneously putting many different marks on the same wares seemingly at random but probably for some reason. To take just one example, the Noritake company which has been active for about one hundred years only, are thought to have used over 400 different marks.

Arnart Imports Inc., owner of the Erich Stauffer figurines, is still in operation and is currently located in 230 Fifth Avenue, New York. The company specializes in porcelain gifts and decorative accessories. First registrated trade mark is the Crown and A’s mark registred April 30, 1953. A mark looking like a bee hive, was first used the last of December 1957. Both were cancelled in 2001.

Arnart Imports Porcelain Marks Arnart Imports Inc., mark registred in 1957. Cancelled June 6th, 2001.
Arnart Imports Porcelain Marks Arnart Imports Inc., Crown and A’s mark in use since April 30, 1953. Cancelled February 17, 2001.
Arnart Imports Porcelain Marks Arnart Imports Inc., Crown and A’s mark in use since 1953 combined with the ‘bee hive’ in use since 1957, both cancelled in 2001.
Arnart Imports Porcelain Marks Arnart Imports Inc., Royal Carlton, was registred for porcelain tableware, in 1957; Royal Crown was registred for use on animal and bird figures 1965 – 1987. Several similar ‘Royal’ marks with a crown and a brand mark exists, all from the second half of the 20th century.

Arnart Creations Crossed Arrows

Crossed arrows were stamped in several countries as a porcelain brand. Whether this was in reference to the famous Meissen crossed swords, it should be presumed to be. Today, you will find mark crossed arrows on porcelain dishes, porcelain figurines, and knickknacks from the following countries:

  • Germany: Kalk Porcelain Factory Eisenberg / Thuringia
  • France: Paris porcelain factory Bloch (often with the addition: “PORCELAINE DE PARIS FRANCE”)
  • Japan: Arnartcreation or Arnart (often with a multi-digit number)
  • USA: Homco (Home Improvement Co.) (often with a multi-digit number, decorative name and / or artist name)

Arnart Crossed ArrowsIn addition, there are also hand-painted Markung crossed arrows, but the problem of a properly assigning them is that there were several companies that are used weapons as a trademark. For example, the porcelain factory, Rauenstein, crossed flags, the teat porcelain villages crossed spears, and Volkstedter porcelain factory used cruising signs, all of them together with a certain similarity which is presumably intended.  You can see how it can be hard to identify porcelain pieces to a manufacturer.

When looking at Arnart marks and seeing the different number combinations one tends to believe that there was some connection between Arnart and HOMCO. The marks themselves – and the items these marks appear on – are not HOMCO as the marks were registered by Arnart and the mold style, decoration and other marks clearly indicate Arnart as source. Arnart was in the replication business so they simply used a numbering system similar to HOMCO to better position themselves in the marketplace.  Arnart even went as far as to use the HOMCO numbering scheme for some Erich Stauffer figurines.

Here are some books on Volkstedter porcelain and HOMCO “Denim Days” figurines:

Dresden Porcelain Studios Antiques Price Guide Homco Denim Days
Dresden Porcelain Studios [Hardcover] Antiques Price Guide 2008 [Hardcover] Mary Barker’s Complete Collection Home Interior’s/ Homco Denim Days 2nd Edition [Paperback]

One reviewer said of Barker’s HOMCO guide, “This was for my mom, she collects denim days. She loves the book. Now she can see what to look for next.” What will you look for next?

How to Identify Porcelain Figurines

Pink Elephant FigurineA figurine is a statuette that represents a human, deity (god), or animal. Figurines may be realistic or iconic, depending on the skill and intention of the figurine designer. The earliest figurines were made of stone or clay, but modern versions are made of porcelain, ceramic, metal, glass, wood, and plastic (think G.I. Joe’s and other action figures). Figurines with movable parts, which allow limbs to be posed, are more likely to be called dolls, mannequins, or action figures. If they can move on their own they are called robots or automata, depending on which part of the world you live in.

Figurines and miniatures are sometimes used in board games, such as chess, and tabletop games like Risk. Old figurines have been used to discount some historical theories, such as the origins of chess. Figurines are still used in digital games in the form of avatars or characters in a game that are manipulated by the player using a computer or gaming console.  In this sense, figurines are simply meant to represent something else, much like the original definition where we stated that figurines are “statuettes that represent a human, deity (god), or animal.

Porcelain figurines began in China. There are prehistoric figurines of pregnant women called Venus figurines, because of their presumed representation of a female goddess, or some connection to fertility. The two oldest known examples are made of stone, were found in Africa and Asia, and are several hundred thousand years old. Many made of fired clay have been found in Europe that date to 25-30,000 BC, and are the oldest ceramics known.

These early figurines are among the first signs of human culture. One cannot know in some cases how they were used, but we can hypothesize that they had religious or ceremonial significance and may have been used in many types of rituals. Many are found in burials, which helps back-up this hypothesis. Some may have been worn as jewelry or intended to amuse children, much the same way we use action figures to amuse children to today (or children or amused by figurines and dolls so we make more of them).

Porcelain and other ceramics are common materials for figurines. There are many early examples from China where it originated, which drove the experimentation in Europe to replicate the process. The first European porcelain figurines, produced in a process mastered in Germany were known as Meissen ware after the city where it began. Soon the technique was copied in other cities, such as Dresden.

Modern figurines, particularly those made of plastic are often referred to as figures. They can encompass modern action figures and other model figures as well as Precious Moments and Hummel figurines (which are not plastic), Bobbleheads and all kinds of memorabilia. Three companies which continue to produce figurines are Arnart, Royal Doulton, and Lladró.

Figurines of comic book or sci-fi/fantasy characters without movable parts have been referred to by the terms inaction figures (originally used to describe Kevin Smith’s View Askew figurines) and staction figures (a portmanteau of statue and action figures coined by Four Horsemen artists to describe Masters of the Universe figures). This is just an example of how figurines continue to evolve and change.


  1. JoAnn Reed says

    I have two figurines with numbers….118442 . I want to know what they are worth. One is a boy and one is a girl . They have ducks at their feet and a fence behind them. Thanks, JoAnn


    hi there i have a erich steuffer figurine 8394 with 2 arrows a girl with a duck and a rake in her hand is it the real thing . thanks DELLA in CANADA

  3. Tommy Hogland says

    I have a hummel figurine designed by erich stauffer. it is in blue writing with crossed arrowers and numbered 833G. It is a boy squatted in front of a single duck with a bucket of feed. There is a log fence behind him with a praying figure in a box on top of a fence post. Is there any info. you can give as to value and age.

  4. Beth Donohue says

    I have an Erich Stauffer figurine with the number U8588. It is a boy sitting on a tree stump reading the newspaper entitled, “Kindgergarten News”. Can you give me any info and price on this? thank you.

  5. admin says

    Price is determined by height and condition. It’s roughly $3 per inch for excellent condition down to $1 per inch for bad condition so prices vary for Erich Stauffer figurines from $3 for the smallest and worst to $24 for the tallest and best condition figurine.

  6. Ginny says

    I have a figurine of a little girl with pigtails reading a “kindergarten News”. Can’t find a picture or price. Number on bottom is 8588. Nothing broken. Would like to eBay it. Please let me know a price range. Thank you.

  7. Linda says

    I have the figurine called “play Time. It is a little girl hilding a doll whic seems to have a cone head.
    She is standing by a rail fence has on a blue dress and and red polka dot bandana on her head. The bottom says Designed by Erich Stouffer with 2 crossed arrows with feathers It is numbered 44/175
    It also has a label that says original Arnartcreation Japan. No chips Great condition

  8. LORI says


  9. Linda Desrosiers says

    I have a set of Wizard of Oz hand painted ceramic banks with the Arnart string tag. I cannot find any pictures or information on the banks. Where can I find information on the value?

  10. Joyce says

    I have an original Arnartcreation designed by Erich Stauffer soap dish with a boy holding a blue towel and wearing a green hat. He is getting ready to take a bath. Does anyone know the value on this piece. it says”designed by Erich Stauffer 55/971 on the bottom and has the Original Arnartcreation sticker on the bottom

  11. Judy says

    I have a Stauffer figurine 44/175 girl with pail by a fence. Writing very clear on bottom, in excellent condition. Can you give my an idea what it might be worth?? Thank you.

  12. Christine Gibson says

    I have a decorative dish with the Arnart Imports Crown and A’s mark combined with the bee hive. It is a dish with five scalloped edges trimmed in gold and the art work is called “The Courtship” on the inside bottom. Is this piece worth anything other than a trinket.

  13. Marjorie Keen says

    Looking for information re Royal Crown Arnart SMUG MUGS PSYCHODELIC 2482S
    purchased 1971

  14. nathan says

    my mom found an old sugar and creamer set its white with a leaf pattern in middle and a series of 4 dots at each corner. stamp on bottom says ARNART MILK CHINA Designed by Erich Stauffers and thats it…cant find anything about these on the net.

  15. Kimberly Lewis says

    I have a # Cinderella Horse and Carriage that is made by Jonthon Bryon its part of the Arnart Imports Inc. it is at least 35 years old. Does anyone have any ideal what it is worth?

  16. Gina Waszkielewicz says

    I have 2 figureines of children under an umbrella sitting in a patch of grass with flowers, one girl(wearing only one shoe with the other foot bare) and one boy which are seperate statues. I thought they were hummels when I bought them.I didnt have on my glasses, lol! They say Royal Crown Arnart 5th Ave. 55/1790. I cant find them anywhere. Can anyone tell me their value and if the girl whom is missing a shoe is of more value? Also the boy statue is missing the N in “Crown”. It states “Crow”

  17. Dorothy Sheehan says

    I have a doll figurine; made in japan; on the back Arnart 5th sta; hand painted; a number missing; worn????; what i have; 11-553

  18. Ellen Brown says

    I have a figurine by Arnart 5th Avenue of a little girl holding a watering can in her right hand and the spout of the watering can in her left hand. She has braids. It has the following number on the bottom: 55/1550. Can you tell me anything regarding this piece…date of production, etc.? Thank you.

  19. mick mayne says

    I have a demi cup and saucer with the beehive mark 16816 under it. I belive the pattern is Courting couple, when was it made and any value

  20. Debbie says

    I have a teapot by Arnart 5th Ave
    Hand painted
    # 2112
    It has beautiful flowers perhaps dogwood with gold flower designs on it.
    Can you tell me more about this tea pot. I received it from a grandmother.

  21. Marjorie Shortt says

    I have a complete tea set made by Arnart and on the bottom it says” Royal Crown, Golden Lace. I have the tea pot, sugar bowl, creamer, 4 cups and saucers and 6 bread and butter plates. There are no chips that I see at all. These are gold with white lace. Does anyone have any history on these?

  22. Jimmy Mathews says

    I have a pin dish with the beehive and a dot above it, which indicates according to your information, mark registered in 1957 and cancelled in 2001. The dish has victorian couples around the inside of the dish. It also has two fleur-de-lis in each end of the dish. Some type of gold around the entire edge and throughout the dish. Dish measures about 9 inches long, by roughly 4.5 inches width at its widest point. It’s shape is rather oblong. Can you halp me with any type of price value?
    Thank you for your assistance. JMathews

  23. Dana says

    I recently purchased a tea set with the tea pot, creamer, sugar bowl with lid and 4 tea cups. On the bottom is the crossed arrows with 3 feathers. Beneath the arrows it has “S8690″. It’s white porcelain on the top 2/3s but the bottom is covered with a band of gold. I believe that it is probably Erich Stauffer but can’t seem to find anything other than figurines by him. Am I on the right track?

  24. Sherry says

    I recently purchased a odd shaped decorative plate with gold trim and it has the sticker from japan and two arrows and numbered 7935. It has a glass arch piece that beings on the edge of the plate and is connected to the lower part of the plate. There is a man and woman pictured in the center circle appearing to be sitting on a log. The plate is a blue green color with beautiful flowers around the edges and gold trim. There is a signature on the picture that appears to be J. MOIRE. Can you help on a time frame for when this piece might have been produced? I think it may have been around the early 1950′s when this company started but would like a professional opinion!

  25. Lynn collings says

    sherry, I was looking up the same cake holder when i came across your comment. I too, would like to find out if this is a fake or not. Mine has the same arrows and same numbers on it. It looks old, but not really sure. I does have the raised “dots” on the plate. Hope you get the info you need

  26. Melisa says

    I too have a tea set, also s8690 on each with 2 arrows crossed. 2/3rds white with a 1/3 band of gold on the bottom, wondering who made it and what it is worth. It was my grandfathers…….Can anyone give me some information on it?

  27. arnold davidson says

    I have I feel a very valuable porcelain figure of a bum sitting on a bench sewing a hole on his sock. Someone told me a long time ago about a famous city in Europe that makes these. Can you help me. I thought it started with a B.
    Arnold Davidson

  28. Leah Graves says

    I have a figurine of a girl in dress and boots standing behind a fence with a cocker spanial, there is a basket of flowers hanging on the fence also.this piece has almost no coloring on it at all.It is signed and has the 2 crossed arrows also the number on it reads 8396 .Any imformation i could get on this would be very helpful! Thanks for your time. Leah Graves

    • admin says

      Leah, 8396 is usually “Farm Frolics” Boy with Duck, but Arnart Creations/Royal Crown wasn’t always consistent with their numbering scheme. However, a lot of them originally came in sets of a boy and a girl, both with the same number, so it’s entirely possible that you have the more rare, girl/fence/dog version of “Farm Frolics”. Nice find.

  29. kathie says

    I have two hanging baskets with stem holders. it has two blue arrows and numbers 5502 or 7502. it is decorated with pink roses and gold leaves.

  30. M J Swank says

    I have a Stauffer figurine of a young girl sitting on a fence, holding a basket of ducklings beside an apple tree on her right. The mother duck is standing to her right, looking up at the ducklings quacking. The number on the bottom is S3895 and when I try to bring up that number the figurine is different. This one is in pristine condition and I would like to know it’s value.

    • admin says

      M J, Erich Stauffer figurines are worth about $10-$35 USD per figurine. This depends on the condition of the figurine and what the figurine is depicting.

  31. Annie Rodriguez says

    I have a Stauffer fugurine S8517 girl with a bird by a fence. Writing is very clear on the bottom. Little damage on the side. Can you tell me what is might be worth!!!!!!!

    Thank You

  32. Dianna Young says

    I have an Erich Stauffer figurine that I inherited from my Grandmother. On the bottom it has designed by Erich Stauffer with two crossed arrows pointing down, with the number 8343. It is a figurine of a girl in pigtails holding an umbrella over her right shoulder with a goose on the right in grass. When I have researched all I come up with is a boy with an umbrella. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  33. Lynn Floyd says

    I have a porcelain bookend set which appear to be Erich Stauffer’s. One is a boy with a dog(spaniel) leaning on a brick wall. The other is a girl with a dog (Collie) leaning on a brick wall. Both have the crossed arrows and the same number, S8451. There are no Erich Stauffer name or stickers. Are these Erich Stauffer figurines and what are their value? Thank you.

  34. Carol Heineman says

    I have 2 demitasse cups w/saucers. Blue – gold rim top & bottom, gold pattern in the blue field. Gold handle. Cup bottom has #2106. I would like two more.
    Do you have this item? Thanks, Carol

  35. ria carraro says

    i have a piece from my grandmother. it has the crossed arrows. marked designed by erich stauffer and is of a young angel holding a lantern and a shoverl.
    i am interested in knowing its value. i love it and do not even clean it, but take it out every christmas to include w/ my other angels.
    thank you

  36. julie slavick says

    I have the complete set of 4 nuns-Seasons. All marked on the bottom as :
    designed by erich steuffer #8316 with crossed arrows. Mint condition.
    Would love to sell.

  37. Paula N from Williams Lake Canada says

    I have an erich stauffer figurine that i cannot find anywhere in my research it is a little boy with a hat with a flower in it, he has blue overalls and is eating an apple,he is holding a brown rake, there is a double tree stump with a bird on it, a stone is at his feet, and he is titled life on the farm. please! i cant find him anywhere! he still has original blue tag hanging around his neck.

  38. Amy Neifert says

    I have what appears to be a year of the dog it is blue. Says original anart creation japan. Also dynasty hand painted 55/165?

  39. Cindy Basolo says

    I have two figurines with “Designed by Erich Stauffer the cross arrows and the number 8336″ the name on the each figurine is “God’s Children”

    Could you tell me something about them. Our Great Uncle brought them back to our Great Aunt during World War II, (she labeled everything, who and where it came from”

  40. Jennifer Arellano says

    I have two arnart figurines. One is a boy holding a rake in his right hand and an apple in his left hand, the #55/1551, the other is a girl holding a sketch book in her right hand and a flower in her left hand #55/1537. Does anyone know how much are they worth?

  41. ellen says

    I have an erich stauffer figurine he has blue shorts on with a tanish brown jacket he has a flower in right hand and a blue thing in left hand with a bunch of flowers in it it says designed by erich stauffer with the crossed arrows and number s8564 on it was wondering what it might be worth thanks!

  42. Teresa says

    I have a 7 piece tea set of “ARNART 5TH AVE HAND PAINTED 2110″ blue with gold trim. I know the set is very old and has no chips or cracks. Can anyone tell me anythig about this set. Would like to find out value and sale.

  43. Dawn Fitzwater says

    I have a plate by erich Stauffer cross bow 8380 call the clipper the flying cloud 1851 if interested please contact my e mail please.

  44. Joyce Monet says

    I have two cups and saucers with Dynasty Chine original arnartcreation. Both cups have a sculptured geisha girl in the middle of them. It looks like very, very fine china. they were bought in the 50’s or early 60’s. Are they worth anything?

  45. linda kennedy says

    Hi I have a few of your pieces boy and girl #55/1546 set and they both have the crown and sticker very nice no chips o eaither of them I was wodering if you new how much I could sell them for? I only hae the two and do not want to purchas a guide for just to I can not find the item for sale on eby o amazon could you help me. Thank you lk

  46. says

    Hi, I have a figurine not porcelain made by Erich Stouffe number on the bottom is 55/512 could you tell me how much this figuire is worth. The girl has a blue scarf with red dots she is holding a bunny and there are two ducks looking up.

    The other figuire is ALS a Gil she has a blue scarf shis is holding 2 blue bells a lamp looking up at the girl by her left foot is a orange flower. If you col tell me something about them I would really appreciate it and how much they are worth.

    Thank you,

  47. says

    I have four small wall hanging porcelain approx. 4.5″ in width and 5″ in height. They appear to be of winter, spring, summer & fall. They are all numbered S8398 signed by Erick Stauffer and have the cross cross arrows. The stamps are legible and the porcelain hanging are in excellent condition. Can you tell me how old are these and their value if anything. I love them and not looking to sell, just would like to know more about them. Thanks

  48. says

    I have a pair of figurines left to me by my mother. Both with ‘Designed by Erick Stauffers’, 44/170, crossed arrows and ‘Original Arnart Creation Japan’ on the bottom. Of a boy with a book and a girl with an apple, both with backpacks walking to school, coming up on a fence each. The girl figurine has the crown label underneath and the boy figurine has a label on the front partially worn off showing ‘…hool’. ‘School’? Both in perfect condition otherwise. Wondering their worth separate or as a set?

  49. Mary Ellen Black says

    I have a figurine little boy blowing horn with lamb 55/917 with sticker what is it worth? thank you

  50. says

    i have a erich stauffer s8518 ,little girl sitting and singing on a log with her music book opened,has the no. and two arrows,need to know how much this is worth,bought it at the goodwill today,thank you

  51. says

    i have a erich stauffer s8518,little girl sittin on a log with her music book opened,has the no. and two arrows on bottom of it,would like to know how much it is worth,bought it today at the good will,thank you

  52. Sharon Kerkman says

    what does the S mean before a number on the bottom of a Hummel? I have a boy with an umbrella and a fence he is next to with 2 white ducks…says S8394 on the bottom, does S mean set?

  53. Karen Leonard says

    I’m looking for an Erick Stauffer figurine of a world war 1 or 2 nurse carrying a dr’s bag and she has a red cross on her cap. Does anyone know of anyone who has one?

  54. kim says

    i have 2 erick stauffer figurines. one is a girl playing an accordian & the other is a boy with a pair of skis. both have the word desigrid & the number 8543. i would like to know what they are worth. thank-you

  55. Phyllis Pancake says

    Our granddaughter is studying ballet, she is beginning her third year at university. She has a birthday soon and when I saw a music box of a ballerina that plays the “Music Box Dancer”. I thought it might be a nice gift. I noticed the signature on the base and wondered if it is something to prize. I don’t see in your listings anything about music boxes. Just wondering if I am giving her a special gift or just special to me.

  56. Karen Leonard says

    I am looking for a nurse figurine, probably a WWII where nurse has a white cap with red cross on it and is carrying a doctors satchel.

  57. rick metzger says

    I have three nuns one is spring ,one autumn, and one winter the # is 8316..can u give me a value on them no chips very good condition…

  58. candida stricklen says

    I have two figurines that I cannot seem to find online by Stauffer. They are the Fire Chief 3008A and Little Mather 3008L. Can you tell me their value/history?

  59. Robert Zaratin says

    I have a piece which has signed on the bottom “Designed by Erich Stauffer” with the cross-arrows insignia and the number 8268. Is it authentic and if so what is it’s value? Thank you for your reply.

  60. Jason says

    I have 2 plate figurines. One reads The Clipper with a nice sized sailboat. Cross arrows. ..with # 8132.
    Another sailboat one as well. ..The Bart…Charles W. Morgan
    # 8131 Japan

  61. Robert says

    I found a 1985 ivory dynasty Ching reproduction 18 th century emperor and empress statue are they real ivory and how much are they worth

  62. says

    yes I have 2 royal crown figures one a little girl sitting on a wood fence holding on right side a basket net little chipmonck on her left foot blue bonnet on her head no date or markings on it besides it being a royal markings on bottom of it nice piece an have another one it is of a little girl with markings on bottom letter c with a circle arnart imports inc 1979 the little girl standing next to a fence with a bird on it she is holding a lamb an has red bows in her hair 2 nice figurines no damage but would like to know value or find info on these 2 looked an could not find any thing please help me thank you Michael finelli

  63. Rebecca O'Neill says

    I have to Erich Stauffer bird figurines that were given to me in 1961. They have gold paper seals on the back of each bird saying “bone china”. “Dorigned by Erich Stauffer” (I can’t read the writing on either figurine, it appears to be dorigned) appears on the base, facing down. There is also a sticker reading “Japan” and the number is the same on each, “S8445″. One has the name “Waxwing” and the other “Oriole” on the base. All writing on the base of the figurine (facing down) is in green and there are arrows crossed like an “X”.

    I would appreciate price and any information you have on these birds. They are the only Erich Stauffer pieces I have. I am giving my beautiful things to my family now and would like to hand down the info for them…Thank you so much. Rebecca O’Neill

  64. Tonya Coburn says

    I have a case it looks like several I have seen on the net
    But I can not find the stamp on the net. It is of a dragon with
    The name of “Ivory Dynasty” Arnart Imports Inc. I also can not make out the year

  65. Barb Morisette says

    I have a figurine Designed by Erich Stauffer with the double arrows and the numbers 8262 and it has the sticker on the front that reads spring festival. It is in mint condition and is 7 1/2 inchs high and 3 1/2 inche wide of a boy with a hat and violin under his arm. He is standing on grass with raised flowers under him. Writing on bottom is bold and clear and easy to read. Would you have any idea of how much he would be worth. He was owned my my parents and passed on to me. Thank you for reading this post. Sincerely, Barb M

    • admin says

      Barb, the general rule is about $3 per inch so your collectible would be worth about $22.50. Having the paper sticker on the front may make it worth a little more as not all of those have. Keep in mind that many of these collectibles were originally sold in sets and also had hang tags, but yours is still worth something in it’s own right.

  66. Pat Lacey says

    We have a set of figurines; an elderly man and elderly woman holding balloons. Each is sitting on what looks like a brick wall. The number on the base is 1143. I looked through a number of Arnart pictures but have yet to find this pair. Do you have any information as well as what they may be worth?

    • Erich Stauffer says

      Erich Stauffer figurines are worth about $10-$35 USD per figurine (roughly $3 per inch). But the price depends on the condition of the figurine and what the figurine is depicting. Also they sometimes came with paper labels on the front or hang tags. Furthermore, they sometimes came in sets. If they are in pristine condition, in a set, and have paper attachments, they are at the highest end of the scale.

  67. Jack Ray says

    I have a Hummel that my grandma gave me when I was about 10. That was 1969. It is ” life on the farm” and on the bottom it has Eric Stauffers signature and U8394. I was always told to not mess with it and it is in perfect condition. There are no cracks or scratches on it and it looks like it just came out of the founders. If it’s real, what would it be worth and is it authentic. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.

  68. Tawni Davis says

    I have a girl with blue bird on right and sheet of music in right hand. Name is Music Time by Eric Steuffer # S8564. I cannot find picture or value. Can you help please?

  69. teresa arell says

    I have a boy “picnic” time with a banana and a small bottle of milk. I can’t find this same one anywhere. What would the value be? It is in very good condition.

  70. charlotte sorrell says

    I have an Arnart peice that is the sitting Hobo the umbrella or tarp covering his back is missing as if it were never there ( kinda unfinished ) has the crossed arrows mark w/ # 8567 and the Made in Japan foil sticker; but no signature. Would this item be of any value?

  71. says

    I have 2 porcelain Erich Stauffer Goebel Hummel figurines. They have no chips or scratches.cthey have the double arrows, on the have the bottom, but they are missing the stickers. They have S8157 and the script Designed by Erich Stauffer. There is a country outing sticker on the front base, of both of them. I’d like to know what they are worth. I’d like to sell them.

  72. evelyn klein says

    I have a figurine of a boy sitting playing a Banjo with a duck at his side. With the crown marking. What is it worth?

  73. simon says

    I have a small vase w a boy on the front of it, about 2 1/2 inches tall
    w a maruyama toki aichi mark on it. dating it between 1920 and 30.
    was wondering how much it may be worth. ther is one small chip on the top edge of it bot other than that. no others.

  74. Katherine Lopez says

    May I ask if all Stauffer figurines were marked? I have been researching two figurines I own, both of which look remarkably like the figurines shown on this site, but neither has any marks whatsoever. Thanks for any help.

  75. Tricia says

    I have a figurine with 3 children together in a circle that was my grandmothers. I can’t seem to find any pictures on the web. It was designed by Erich Stauffer 55/696 with a crown. Any other info would be great.

  76. Elaine Keller says

    I have three figurines, but no marks. One is labeled “Barnyard Frolics.” Can they be Erich Stauffer if they don’t have a mark? Thanks.

  77. Lorraine Smetana says

    Getting ready for a yard sale and wanted to place a price on the “Little Maestro”, U8583 — appreciate your assistance on a reasonable value. Thank You

  78. says

    I have two figurines with a paper signed by cis 7/74 . They look like a Hummel ! One is a little boy blowing a horn and the other is a girl holding a basket with a little dog at her feet. Are these collectibles ? Or not worth anything?

  79. Rayanne Bates says

    what is the price on 2 pieces with
    the sticker original arnart creation, Japan, 8002? It’s of a boy and girl holding fruit.

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