WordPress: Questions and Answers

Q. I am getting an error with most of my plugins in WordPress. How do I fix it?

A. Disable the plugins one by one until the error goes away. Once it does, note the last plugin you disabled and you’ll have you’re culprit. If that doesn’t do it, change the theme back to default and test again. In this way you’ll rule out whether it’s a plugin or the theme doing it.

Q. How do I make my website more popular?

A. First, write content that people care about and then let people know about it. You can find out what people care about using Google Trends, Google Insights for Search, and Google External Keyword Tool. Sign up for Twitter and Google+ to post things that you have written on your site. This is part of a good content marketing and SEO strategy.

Q. How do I change the order of displayed items on a page?

WordPress defaults to displaying posts in the order of which they were posted (latest first). The easiest way is to change the date/time in which they were posted. To do this, go to the post and click Edit, then change the time so that posts are in the time order you want them.

Q. Can I install WordPress in a sub-directory or a sub-domain?

A. You can set it up inside a folder or sub-domain, but you have to create a SQL database first or (if your web host provides it) use a one-click install. Bluehost and Dreamhost both have one-click installs. Otherwise you’ll have to set up your own SQL database and upload the WordPress files manually.

Q. How to post a new page in WordPress?

A. In your dashboard, go to Pages and click, “New Page”. It may or may not display in your navigation automatically, depending on your theme.

Q. Where is the image folder in WordPress?

A. The image folder is usually a sub-directory of your theme folder, which is located under your wp-content folder. To get to your wp-content/[theme name]/images folder, you’ll either need to use a FTP client or login to your host’s web FTP panel to change the image. You can also use WordPress itself to make the change by uploading the picture to the Media directory, copying the location, and then editing the Stylesheet.css in the Theme editor.

Q. What are some good WordPress themes for businesses?

Businesses can benefit from having a custom WordPress theme created for their website. This will help them match their website to their brand and better differentiate them in the market. Erich Stauffer specializes in creating WordPress website designs for small businesses in the Indianapolis area.

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