WordPress Plugins

I use WordPress for all of my blogs and mini-sites. Here are the plugins I recommend:

  • Add to Any – It’s important to turn off the annoying hover feature by clicking the box “Only show the menu when the user clicks the Share/Save button” under Menu options.
  • All in One SEO – be sure and fill it out for the whole site and for each page/post you create
  • Akismet – prevents spam comments so use it
  • Cbnet Ping Optimizer – prevents you from getting banned from blog directories by refreshing a post too often
  • Cforms – best email form plugin
  • Google Sitemap Generator – keeps google updated with pages as you make them-builds google a map
  • Related Posts Plugin – gives options for displaying other posts at the bottom of a post, based on tags
  • NEWEnhanced Recent Posts – include or exclude categories from listings of recent posts.
  • Redirection
  • Yoast Breadcrumbs
  • WP-Page Navi
  • Robots Meta
  • Image Widget – add images to widgets from within the widget.

Please write your favorite WordPress plugins in the comments below. Contact me if you need help with WordPress in Indianapolis.

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