Jason and I Visited Madison, Wisconsin in November of 2019

In this vlog, I meet up with fellow YouTuber, Calvin Cobb the Boi (0:37), who shows us a syck jump on his mountain bike. His dad, Jason Cobb (also a fellow YouTuber), and I then got coffee at Starbucks (0:58) and then drove to the University of Wisconsin, Madison (1:11) where we see parkour (1:31) being practiced.

We then visit the shores of Lake Mendota where Jason learned to sail (2:21) and where the Wisconsin Hoofers were wading in cold water (2:38) in front of the University of Wisconsin, Madison campus Union (2:21). We went inside (3:05) to rest for a bit before continuing on to the WU-Madison Campus Bookstore (3:22).

We ate lunch at a Thai food restaurant called, Monsoon Siam (3:28) where we had an appetizer of sun-dried beef and drunken noodles (pad kee mao). For an afternoon pick-me-up, we visited the coffee shop, Ancora Coffee, where I got an Americano (4:09) and Jason got a normal cup of coffee.

Finally, we stopped by Costco (4:39) and Kwik Trip (5:27) on the way home.