“You did a terrific job navigating through a project that had continually moving parameters and was especially challenged with the resource issues. Your willingness to fill in on the production side and do whatever was asked of you says a lot about your character. Thank you for your efforts.” -Jeff D.

“I just Googled “concert dresses” and we finally came up on the list!!! 4th down, but on the first page – “choir dresses” now has us 1st and we appear up at the top with “choral dresses” and “choral apparel” too! I could not be any happier!!!! These small changes are already giving us an organic presence in the market that has been the missing piece for a long time now. Thank you Erich! Your guidance is paying off already! Really happy to see our name at the top where it should be!” -Beth S.

“I have appreciated you and your help in so many ways. Your prompt response is so helpful and your knowledge of computers is invaluable. I know you were limited in what you were allowed to do but you certainly saved me and the office many times. Thank you.” -Lucy H.

“Thank you very much Erich for always being there for me to ask and throw question at. Really appreciate it.” -Matt G.

“You make us so much better! We had 7 new patients the other day! Wow! Keep ’em coming!!!” -Patty O.

“I want you to know how much I appreciate you. You are the one constant in my world of chaos.” -Dan H.

“Thanks Erich, it was great and very productive having you at the office.” Omar F.

“Thanks! You’re the best! I love how prompt you are to help.” Joy R.

“You are brilliant at what you do.” -Brandy M.