Yahoo! Pipes

This is a pipe: |


To direct data so that the output from one process becomes the input to another process. The standard output of one command can be connected to the standard input of another with the pipe operator (|). Two commands connected in this way constitute a pipeline. IBM.
Yahoo! Pipes is based on this:
Batch files can be piped together, taking the output from one line and making it the input to the next line like this:

DSGET GROUP "CN=East Coast Sales, OU=East ,DC=bcdtrain, DC=com" -MEMBERS | DSMOD GROUP "CN=BCDTrain Sales, OU=Sales, DC=bcdtrain, DC=com" -ADDMBR

The first line gets the members of a group, then pipes it in to the next line, which modifies each member from the line above!

Here's one I created:

ping | arp -A


The first part ping's Google's IP, then the second part (after the pipe) takes that output and uses it as input on the arp command!  The secret is making it all on one line.  Do it on two lines and the pipe won't work.