Virtual Assistants

When you’re a new or growing business, when you’re ready to add employees, it may be better to hire temporary employees or what are called “virtual assistants”. Virtual assistants are workers who work by the hour on things you would have had to do yourself.

Depending on the firm, virtual assistants can help you with everything from checking your email and making appointments to web design or other web services. This is similar to the term, “long hallway”, which means a distributed company. I’ve provided a couple of different types here:

American Virtual Assistants:

eaHELP is the leader in sourcing busy professionals with high-quality American executive virtual assistants.

Longer Days provides a single point of contact called a team lead that enables customers to accomplish a wide variety of work that would traditionally require a half a dozen employees.

Overseas Virtual Assistants:

GetFriday is your personal virtual assistant. GetFriday can undertake any task, business or personal, that does not require our physical presence.

Brick Work India created a unique business solution, the virtual office, to cater to the specific needs of such companies and CXOs.

Other Types of eWorkers:

Elance allows you to post a job with a bid to get proposals from multiple freelance workers across the globe. Also consider Odesk, Guru and vWorker.